Monday, March 28, 2011

Beach Chic Chair...take a dining chair to the ocean!

After battling that flu and numerous job interviews...wish me luck! I am back! Doing what I love almost as much as a walk on the!  Here she is my finally (took forever) beach chic chair.

If you remember...I had a blast getting her prepped with the power tools!

Okay getting help prepping!

Here the chair is primered and ready for artwork...then the flu came back and things got hectic.  Between interviews and ear infections I did what I could. I painted the entire chair an off white and as you see below I taped off for the details.  I always use the base coat to seal off my tape to prevent bleeding.

A stripe here a stripe there using scotch blue painters tape.

After that is dry I add my color and details. I use acrylic paints and good brushes from the craft store.  I love Donna Dewberry brushes.  They are a good quality brush and reasonably priced.  I love my 1 inch Purdy brush for larger areas of detail work.

I love this part but always stress on my artwork!  I finally just decided what the heck it is just paint and I have more sand paper and base paint for a fresh palette if needed.

After adding detail, distressing by hand with 220 grit fine sand paper...Here she is in all her beach chic glory!  I hope she is well loved in her new beach chic office space!  I f I get pictures of her new home I will share them with you.

Sometimes things take time for a reason...I found this very therapeutic and motivating.  I am off to do some more and maybe even hit the local thrift stores for something else!

Have a wonderful day!


At the Picket Fence hosts the Inspiration Friday blog party! I love their blog and wanted to join. You should too!


  1. Wow! That's so lovely. My daughter wants her bedroom decorated in a beachy theme. I have already revamped her desk and put cool starfish knobs on but was wondering what to do with the chair. I HAVE to give this a try. Thanks!!! :)