Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The little purple bench that could...

I love to find that thing, that little sad leftover thingy that will either be tossed or sent away after the Estate/yard sale is over...I found this little purple bench which was in front of an awesome antique rocker that I just missed out on! The rocker was just $7 and the little stool $1.  I thought why not I am bored and need something to paint.  I brought her home and my son Darian who is a Chef immediately said that would make a  "cute breakfast tray" ..okay he said "cool tray" that's what I get for typing my blog in front of him.  I stand corrected but it would make a cute tray! Back to the little stool/tray that could...thought I would paint it black...I used latex flat black.

I should have used primer but did not have any on hand ... so two coats later...hmmm???  What to do to jazz her up?

I taped of the little apron side with blue painters tape for stripes...I used a pale pink acrylic. I also free handed a few rose buds.  Here she is...

I have not found a place for it as of yet and I do need to do some distressing and a coat of flat poly but just in time for Mama's day breakfast in bed.  I can also see this in a Shabby nursery or lil' girls room as a stool.  I had fun and it was a dollar well spent!

I love turning someone else's trash or as I like to say "former treasure" into something that can be enjoyed by myself or by someone else. I am off to get some supplies...Happy Hunting and creating.



  1. Great idea to use it as a breakfast tray. And those flowers look amazing! Did you use acrylic paint for that as well? You have a MUCH steadier hand than mine!

  2. Thank you! I used is way easy! I watched PBS years ago and saw Donna Dewberry and learned how to paint some stuff...I need more practice but it is fun! I got her brushes at Michaels Crafts store and have had them for years! Take care,

  3. Way to cute....You are amazing with the floral painting. Would definitely make a cute breakfast tray.

    Take care,