Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Which way to the beach?

I am blessed to live so close to the beach!  Except during a Tsunami warning! We love it here and of course many of us so close to the beach like to decorate in the beach chic style.  I bought a long pine board and went to town cutting lengths between 36in and 24in and made a sign that will lead everyone to the water.  Here is a before and the hand painted sign before distressing. 

I used a latex exterior in a soft aqua and a chocolate brown acrylic for the lettering that I like to do by is much easier for me than stencils but either would work fine.  I sanded with fine 220 grit sand paper to distress. I used Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze and finished with a wipe-on poly by MinWax.  I also added a  real shell and of course hangers on the back so it can be displayed proudly! 

Have fun and use your imagination! I gotta run SURFS UP!  Actually I used to surf but I would not dare try it now...I will however get busy on my next sign.

Have great day!


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