Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I remember when...

I used to love to make signs, shelfs and other easy projects made of wood!  I loved it! Loved it! Loved it! I think it was the power tools.  I am kidding...maybe.  I did love the tools but especially the finished product that I knew I made myself with my own two hands.  I am now living in an apartment and the wonderful garage with all the tools you can imagine is a memory. I found an awesome deal at Home Depot for an all-in-one  tool.  I got the RIDGID JobMax Multi-tool!  I love it! One tool, cordless with it's own case!  I use the multi-tool to cut, sand and drill!  It is similar to the Dremel and it will work with Dremel accessories.

I used it on my signs is all about cutting, sanding and more signs!  I will also tackle the little side table that has required lots of TLC.

I am really hoping this table turns out has needed a lot of wood putty and elbow grease!  I made another sign...this one is for those that need to find worries...I am right here in Morro Bay!

Have a great day!


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